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Berkshire County, Massachusetts, US

Partially excavated into a gentle hillside

Private spaces are near subterranean while public spaces open to the landscape

Central open-air garden captures summer breezes and winter sun for the interior

Living room has direct horizon views from all cardinal directions

Featured in Dwell, AD Italia, L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui, Architect Magazine

Nanchong, Sichuan, CN

First prize

Large new cultural institution for a city of 5.6 million people

Part of the city government’s plan to develop new civic and public buildings

Design responds to the site’s topographic contours as intersecting umbrella canopies supported by structural stems that create unique interior spaces

Setting for viewing contemporary art blurs boundaries between inside and outside

03. Fantawild Headquarters

Building on the professional experience of NO ARCHITECTURE ’s founding principal, the concept for this 32-story 148 m tall tower centers around the client’s work as one of the preeminent creators of children’s media and theme parks in China. Translating fantasy, pixels and innovation into architectural form, the tower emerges from a 9-sqaure grid of 12x14-meter pixels with four independent cores to column-free floorplates. The design combines orthogonal ‘Vierendeel truss’ with triangulated ‘cross-bracing’ to avoid conventional ‘braced tube’ construction and eliminate awkward view obstructions typically associated with massive ‘X’-shaped perimeter beams. 
Shenzhen, Guangdong, CN

Breaks down the standard approach to having a massive central core

Integrates productive outdoor spaces for the company’s 800+ employees

Street-level corners boast 14-meter cantilevers to create outdoor lobbies through porosity

Flexibility and openness in vertical and horizontal circulation maximizes opportunities to meet the divergent needs of employees, guests and VIPs

Willamette Valley, Oregon, US

Burrowed into the land so it remains unseen from the main street

Cantilevered floor slab creates effect of floating over the expansive wetland views

An open plan home where all living spaces gracefully convert into bedrooms for up to eight guests

Awarded Boston Society of Architects/AIA New York Housing Honor Award

Featured in The Wall Street Journal, Dwell, Cultured Magazine, Architect Magazine, AD Germany, Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Dezeen, *Wallpaper, Mansion Global, Ignant, the Oregonian, Gray, Taschen