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Terrace House

Enclosed by four terraced and interlocking canopies, an expansive courtyard preserves the gently sloping grade. The courtyard replaces a grand central stairwell with the landscape itself.  Entered from the lowest terrace, the structure gradually steps up the hillside in a continuous loop, with public and private functions that correspond to the downhill and uphill gradient. At the highest terrace, a 360-degree panorama of the forest unfolds around a master suite.

Inside each canopy, individual activity areas are defined without relying on partition walls. Instead, the organizing spatial strategy unfolds through the relation between two inserted, freestanding elements: a square winter garden and an L-shaped core. Here, activity areas and their programs remain functionally distinct without being isolated, remaining partially open to each other and the native landscape.

Dutchess County, New York, US

Private Residence

519 m² / 5,582 ft²

Commission, unbuilt

Maria Carriero, Yan Chen, Jennifer Diep, Sbrissa Eleonora, Yawen Jin, James Kubiniec, Chung Ming Lam, Jean Lien, Naifei Liu, Alberto Andrés Silva Olivo, Qun Pan, Gosia Pawlowska, Gaby San Roman Bustinza, Jie Xie, Jialin Yuan, Daniel Zuvia

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