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Science Island

A series of draped canopies stitch this new public platform to the surrounding urban landscape in a web that crisscrosses the river banks. Maintaining the integrity of the existing tree groves and meadows, we push and pull the contours of the immediate site to enhance passive solar heating as well as views toward the river. In section, the interconnected pavilions and floor-plates gently warp to connect the curatorial space of the galleries with the social space of the city. The proposal performs like a bridge that strategically spans and connects the north/south axis from the historic downtown to the proposed convention site, and east/west to the arena.

The roof canopies are engineered as a hybrid structural system: each catenary roof canopy is formed by a draped thin tensile steel plate, sandwiched between cross-laminated wood structurally insulated panels (SIPs). Excavated into the ground to control views, the wave-like forms are punctuated with internal courtyards for passive cooling, heating, and ventilation. Within the interior, the draped roof canopies gently gather and organize the internal activities within the open plan below. Entered from the east entrance, a series of dispersed and flocked courtyards and perimeter circulation connect the permanent and temporary galleries. These horizontal strata encourage the maximum interaction between visitors while providing curatorial flexibility.

Kaunas City Municipality

Kaunas, Lithuania

Contemporary science and technology museum, auditorium, black box theater, offices, cafe, store, restaurant

11,117 m² / 119,662 ft2


Andrew Heid, Mel Loyola Agosto, Yan Chen, Naifei Liu, Shuying Mi, Peter Park, Gosia Pawlowska, Gaby San Roman Bustinza

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