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Natural History Museum

We conceive The Shenzhen Natural History Museum as a bridge that connects two dimensions of nature: the representation of nature, and the physical natural environment. In a synthesis with the surrounding city, river, and mountains, the project follows a deceptively simple series of generative design operations, turning the architectural typology of the “Museum” into an interactive experience that literally and metaphorically reflects the surrounding city and landscape. At night, the exhibition towers transform into glowing ‘lanterns’.

By creating a physical connection between the individual and the collective, the intimate and monumental, man-made and natural, past and future, this three-dimensional architectural landscape seeks to reinvent the museum typology.

Engineering Design Management Center of Shenzhen Municipal Construction and Public Works Administration

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China

Museums, archives, auditoriums, cafes, research

100,000 m2 / 1,076,391 ft2

Competition, concept

Clément Blanchet Architecture, dUCKS Sceno, Laurent Menabe Images

Team Andrew Heid, Junwei Li, Zhangzheng Yang

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