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Functioning as the harmony between human life and nature, the NOA x TAKAOKAYA Zabuton cushion marks NOA’s anticipated debut into the interior design space. With its simple yet serene look, let it serve as the foundation for your mindful lifestyle.

As a cultural symbol that has graced the floors of Japanese homes and temples for over a century, the Zabuton has become the canvas for NOA's contemporary design sensibilities.

Paired together with TAKAOKAYA’s traditional Japanese craftsmanship, each Zabuton represents not just a cushion but a piece of Kyoto's heritage meticulously woven into its fabric.

The total cost is $1,085, which includes $985 for the item and a $100 shipping fee.  Black out now, with more shades to come.
  • Functional for everyday use
  • Made to order
  • Material: 100% Nishijin Silk
  • Dimensions:93 x 93
(36” x 36”)

Introducing the NOA x TAKAOKAYA Zabuton and Ojami set – a sublime fusion of everyday living and spiritual elevation, crafted to harmonize human existence with nature. These meticulously designed pieces transcend the conventional boundaries of home decor, serving as devices to connect individuals to the tranquility of the natural world.

Espousing the essence of Japanese living, the Zabuton embodies a low center of gravity, fostering an indoor-outdoor relationship that seamlessly intertwines with the environment. Serving as a gateway for mindfulness, it celebrates the simplicity of design and the art of meditation, providing a haven for those seeking a new minimalistic lifestyle.

Designed intentionally to be larger than other cushions, each user can fully immerse themself in a deeper connection to nature, making the Zabuton not just an object but a catalyst for a more harmonious and serene existence.

Indulge in the NOA x TAKAOKAYA collection – where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary fade away, and the art of living takes on a profound, contemplative dimension.

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