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Regarding NOA X TAKAOKAYA Goods

  • To promote airflow and prevent dampness from accumulating inside the product, allow the product to air our under the sun for a short time, as extended exposure to the sun exposure may cause discoloration to the fabric.
  • Non-machine washable. Please consult with a professional cleaning service for thorough cleaning.
  • Small stains on the product may be removed by lightly patting with a damp cloth, and then stored at a well-ventilated location to dry completely.
  • Static electricity may occur when rubbed against other textile causing the fiber to loosen on product surface.

When caring for your products, please keep in mind the following:
  • All NOA x TAKAOKAYA products are handcrafted, thus each product’s size, form, weight, and firmness, may slightly vary.
  • Shifting of filling may occur with frequent use.
  • Static electricity may occur when rubbed against other textile, causing the fiber on the products to loosen.

︎ To prioritize safety, please prohibit young children from using product unsupervised. Refrain from placing small children face down on the futon/cushion.

For other inquiries, please contact:

Indulge in the NOA x TAKAOKAYA collection – where the boundaries between the ordinary and the extraordinary fade away, and the art of living takes on a profound, contemplative dimension.

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