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Installed at the AIA award-winning Courtyard House in Oregon's Willamette Valley, this exhibition values art, architecture, and nature through a soliloquy with time, composing places to carry a lightweight and playfully precise capture of object wind; obscure rays quietly fulminant, echoic in menses, close to observe an active and geographic specificity. Featuring a selection of autographs by Ali Van - air-sensitive + ironed x cyanic lime - this exhibition proffers an experience of seeing
and making images in cycle with movement imagined and real, for a collate transience of light and weather, toward a context for reflecting layered presences through the gentle condensation of analog technology, scalar spirit, and engendered mark-making. Open to vision, Blue I Am is a  pattern of questions essential to who we are in this shared and omnipotent continuum.
  • Format: Linen Wrap, Matte Cover
  • Size: 216 × 279 mm (8.5 × 11 in)
  • Premium Color, 80# White
  • Pages: 96 pp

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