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Client      Private
Location Berkshire County, Massachusetts, US
Program Private Residence
Area        326 m² (3,512 ft²)
Value      $ 2.6 million
Status    Completed 2020
Photography Iwan Baan

The project reinterprets and expands on the glass house typology through its dynamic relationship to the native landscape and a plan configuration that organizes the 6 interlocking pavilions into “petals” around a central open courtyard. Partially excavated into a hillside, the project’s topography offers thermal insulation while modulating the interior spaces along spectrums of open to closed, public to private, above and below grade.


Founding Principal Andrew Heid wrote the introduction essay to Phaidon’s Glass Houses, explaining: “Each project sees architecture as a means of bridging the gap between people and nature, and uses glass and other transparent materials to generate a sense of connection between the built environment and the surrounding landscape.” Released October 2023.

MAY 2023

Phaidon’s forthcoming book will feature 50 houses by 50 architects, including NO ARCHITECTURE’s Courtyard that use glass to the “maximum effect.” Each house will be presented across 240 pages of photographs that showcase the “dynamic, light-filled living spaces that only glass can deliver.” Expected release date October 2023.

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