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Guggenheim Helsinki

With low-slung catenary canopies, the new extension of the Museo de Arte de Lima (MALI) activates and frames the existing neo-classical ensemble. The proposal for a contemporary art wing is conceived as a deferential intervention to the institution’s historic campus. Two intersecting canopies float over a series of intimate galleries and classrooms that disperse and flock in plan. Entered from the north or south, the new wing is experienced as a single cavernous space excavated below grade.

The canopies’ draped catenaries establish a formal relationship with the existing Palacio de la Exposición, echoing the museum’s covered internal courtyard while complementing the harmonics in its neo-classical façade. The design optimizes the canopies to preserve views of the existing western façade while defining entrances to the east for the existing Palacio de la Exposición and to the south for the Parque de la Exposición.

Guggenheim Foundation

Helsinki, Finland

Contemporary art museum, performance hall, black box theater, offices, cafe, store, restaurant, archive

12,100 m² / 130,243 ft²


Team Andrew Heid, Wendi Cui, George Distefano, Sbrissa Eleonora, Nicole Mattos Toja, Marta Rodrigues, Alberto Andrés Silva Olivo, Sabrina Wang, Xiaoyue Yin, Erin Yook