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Culture Bridge

Adding to the Beijing Tongzhou Grand Canal’s civic and cultural goals, we conceive its future identity as a bridge that connects two foundational themes—a concept of nature, and its physical embodiment in the surrounding landscape. In a synthesis of the Grand Canal with surrounding gardens, estuaries, and urbanism, our proposal imagines three new pedestrian bridges that follow a series of generative design operations. Weaving the individual and the collective, the monumental and the intimate, the manmade and the organic—the project seeks to transform the Beijing Tongzhou Grand Canal into a symbol of a future where civilization exists in symbiosis with nature.

Connecting two new urban cultural centers along the Grand Canal, the Cultured Bridge is concevied as a series of interconnected umbrella canopies. Gently rising up and over the grand canal, each canopy varies in height and plan to varies specific public programs, from exhibition spaces, to cafes and retail.
Beijing Tongzhou District Government

Tongzhou District, Beijing, China

Ecological corridor, landscape bridge, museum, service facility, commercial, cultural arts

35,023m² / 376,984 ft²

659 m (2,162 ft)


Andrew Heid, Mingli Huang, Xian Liu, Junwei Li, Shunfan Zheng, agence TER, AATU

First Prize

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