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Berlin Wilderness

Situated in a largely unbuilt 250 acre site, this radical proposal for environmental restoration in the heart of Berlin anticipates a long-term evolution of space into an ecologically productive natural habitat.

The project juxtaposes voyeuristic relationships of nature to the dense underground infrastructure of the city, catalyzing the redevelopment of Berlin’s Hauptbahnhof. Specific habitats of flora and fauna cultivate, evolve and connect Berlin’s existing peripheral green belt to the site. At the same time, the site becomes an epicenter for ecological restoration, a new wilderness area, where ecology physically and symbolically unifies the metropolis. This new wilderness consumes: overgrown railyards and hardscapes; fabricates topography, hydrology and biotopes; camouflages buildings with forests, infrastructure with grass and earth; carpets tunnels with sod; shelters threatened flora and fauna; restores managed forests into wilderness; networks nature.

Union Internationale Des Architectes

Berlin, Germany

Wilderness park/ industrial re-use master plan

1,011,714 m² (10,890,090 ft²)

Awarded the Japan Institute of Architects Prize by the Union Internationale Des Architectes

Key person
Andrew Heid 

Awarded Union Internationale Des Architectes Japan Institute of Architects Award: Berlin, Germany; ideas competition, entry: “this is not a park; adding 250 acres of wilderness”
Published in “This is Not a Park – Adding 250 Acres of Nature”: Resource Architecture: Defining an Architecture for the 21st Century, Birkhäuser, Berlin, p. 17-19

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