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November 30, 2022

ARCHITECT asks Andrew Heid what gift to buy in 2022

Selecting Pendleton’s Motor Robe Throw with Carrier, “these blankets are timeless design,” Heid says. “My parents still use their Pendleton blankets given at their wedding.”

November 27, 2022

Urban Tree House in Dezeen

Dan Howarth covers our largest apartment renovation in New York. The home’s flexibility is made possible by a series of operable walls that can be shifted to control levels of privacy or connectivity. Furniture in grey and neutral shades match the exposed concrete columns and ceilings.

November 10, 2022

NO ARCHITECTURE debuts on Divisare

Committed to exercising patience and care in architecture media, Divisare has been a leader in publishing contemporary architecture online for over twenty years. We are honored to have Flower House and NO ARCHITECTURE featured on the platform.

October 2, 2022

Andrew Heid shares how I.M. Pei influences his work and dream projects with Vogue China

In an interview about NO ARCHITECTURE’s recent projects and what’s next, firm principal Andrew Heid reflects on what the studio tries to express and says, “Architecture should serve us more, and great architecture always elevates the experience of those everyday activities to a poetic spiritual level.